At Salon Ya Ya, our goal is your ultimate satisfaction.  This starts with an in depth consultation.  Our artists are trained in the art of active listening, and will take the pictures you bring in, the ideas you have, and create a look that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences.

No matter how long you are a guest of our salon, you will always receive this same attention to detail.  We will be your personal stylists, always thinking of what the best look for you will be, and implementing the most appropriate techniques to achieve your ultimate style.

We will suggest the at home-care regimen to best support your style, and will give you additional training to help you keep your look fresh between salon visits.

This is our commitment to our guests.


Club 5th Ave. Elite Salon  : Member of Redken’s Elite Partner program, this salon carries only Redken products and has the highest expertise in Redken services.

Club 5th Ave. Elite Salon: Member of Redken’s Elite Partner program, this salon carries only Redken products and has the highest expertise in Redken services.

Salon Ya Ya makes every effort to ensure that our guests receive the highest standard of service available in our industry. We do this through the continued education of our staff, the recruiting of character-driven career stylists and aligning ourselves with the most forward-thinking companies in the beauty business. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the certifications and industry distinctions that set us apart and what they mean for YOU!

Redken Elite Salon

Being a Redken Elite Salon is a huge honor and achievement for Salon Ya Ya Inc. This means that we uphold the highest Redken standards of consultation, service and sales. We are one of only 200 salons in the world that have this distinction, and our methods are strenuously checked by Redken to make sure that we continue to meet the criteria. This status allows stylists of Salon Ya Ya to have first access to new Redken info, free continued education, VIP seating at all Redken events, and much more. These perks come straight to the chair as our guests receive the freshest information, the best home-care education and the precision style-work they expect from a salon named one of the top 200 Salons in the world by Salon Today Magazine.


Summit Salon

Summit Salons are an elite group of career salon companies that work together and share best practices to ensure the profitability of our businesses and the happiness of our salon guests. As a member of this group, Salon Ya Ya has access to additional training for our stylists, owners and managers to facilitate the growth of our service providers and the complete satisfaction of our salon guests.

What this means for you is that when you visit Salon Ya Ya, you know that you are going to receive the best possible service from a highly trained, dedicated professional that is actively seeking to serve you better.

Redken Artists

In any industry, the professionals take their cues from key leaders that help develop the trends, technology and principles that shape the future. Salon Ya Ya is proud to have a stylist in our company that has been invited by Redken to be an educator, ambassador and contributor.

Courtney Krampf is our Redken Artist. This woman not only travels nationally teaching the latest color and styling techniques, she also contributes her expertise to the development of new products and the conception of new trends and marketing that impact salons around the world.

Redken Color, Design, & Balayage Certification

How do you know your color or cut will be right?! Getting color or cut by a colorist that has passed the Redken Color, Design, and Balayage Certification guarantees that you are in capable hands. No matter what your color or cut query, you can rest assured that when you sit in the chair of these professionals you will be getting the best advice and the most competent course of action will be taken.

The Redken Color, Design, and Balayage Certification is known in the industry as the most accurate evaluation of color and cut skills and knowledge in the hair care industry. The Redken Certification  encompasses all aspects of the craft of color and cut with three different types of testing. Stylists go through an arduous day of hands-on, situational essay and multiple choice exams. 

It is a huge accomplishment for any stylist to be certified. 


Redken Color Certified           Redken Design Certified                Balayage Certified

Courtney Krampf                                                  Reyna Waller                                                                   Kayla Privette 

Danielle Evans

Victoria Anderson

Heather Spradlin


Diva Curl Certification



“We don’t care how you look coming in.  We just want you looking good walking out.”  This is one of our favorite quotes from one of our senior stylists, Courtney Krampf.  The fact is, we aren’t the kind of salon where you should feel the need to do your hair to get your hair done.  It is true that our stylists spend more money and time on their continued education than most in the industry and that our salon is repeatedly named one of the top 200 in the country.  However, this does not mean we are “too big for our britches.”  We started as a family-owned boutique salon and we strive to keep our atmosphere comfortable and friendly.

Come as you are, pay a fair price, and leave with your expectations exceeded in every way.  We want to give you the luxury service you desire without the luxury price tag.  Our staff are highly trained professionals, but they still like to have fun.  We feel certain that if you give us a chance, you will find our salon to have the most comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere of any salon you have ever visited.


Salon Ya Ya Master’s Program

A lot of stylists distinguish themselves as master stylists, but what does that mean? Well, the fact is, it means a different thing depending on which salon you visit. At Salon Ya Ya, when we say “master stylist,” we mean a stylist that has completed our Master’s Program.

Every stylist we hire goes through a rigorous program of continued education before they ever take a client of their own. During your visit you will notice what might be mistaken as “assistants” doing shampoos, blow-dry styling, color application and foiling. These individuals are actually “associates” going through our Master’s Program. They receive over 1000 additional hours of hands-on, written, and visual education on color theory, chemistry, principle-based design and the art of consultation. When our associates graduate our Master’s Program, they are among the best educated artists in the industry, and that’s just the beginning of our educational journey.

Continuing Education

It is our belief that in order to provide the best possible experience for our salon guests, we must stay plugged-in to the main line of inspiration. The artists of Salon Ya Ya participate in educational events, visits to the Redken Exchange in New York, and Symposium in Las Vegas, as well as enjoying in-salon education facilitated by international industry leaders.

Level System

At Salon Ya Ya, we utilize a level system to offer our guests the most customized service possible with pricing that accommodates any budget. As each artist meets specific goals throughout their career, they receive a promotion and their level is raised. This is a way to guarantee to our guests that there is no erroneous pricing of talent. Each artist's pricing is strictly based on the demand for their time. That being said, whether you book with a level one or a level six, you will be in the hands of a well-trained artist that has completed a Master of Cosmetology.