Salon Ya Ya has one simple mission: To provide the absolute best in professional hair care services and products you can find... anywhere... period. 

We accomplish this by demanding the highest levels of professionalism and education from our team. It starts with our Associate Program, which can be considered a “Masters Degree” in cosmetology. It continues with a performance-based level system through which our stylists grow themselves in their careers. This level system is ongoing as we require continuing education multiple times a year through each level of growth for each team member. This creates a win-win-win situation: our salons enjoy a great reputation; our stylists enjoy successful careers; and you get to enjoy exceptional services from the most highly trained and educated salon team in Nashville.


We invite you to come experience extraordinary beauty services from the best trained and educated salon staff in Nashville.

Experience the difference that our focus on communication makes as you consistently receive the look you desire… each and every time.

Experience the difference our on-going training makes as your service provider shares the latest styles and trends in cuts and color, then educates you on how to style and maintain your look.

Taking great care with each salon guest, respecting each other, building up and educating people — that’s how we do it here — that is our culture. We want to be the biggest name in affordable luxury, and we want to do it by building long-lasting relationships with our guests and giving back to our community.


“five tufts” (of hair)


Symbol of priestly office, loyalty and adroitness.

“This symbol is said to be the hairstyle of joy. It is the traditional hairstyle of the (Adinkra) priestesses...

The design of the Adinkra symbol mpuannum resembles the way the priestesses’ hair was tied…

It also represents the devotion and faithfulness one displays when doing a task required of one. In addition, mpuannum means loyalty or the embodiment of lofty duty to a desired goal.”

                       - W. Bruce Willis, The Adinkra Dictionary


Amber U. – Demand force

Jenna is absolutely amazing! She is like a hair angel who has come down from heaven to save my horrible mop from heat damage and over dying. I always leave feeling pretty and my hair looks a thousand times better and is so much healthier since I started coming to Salon YaYa!. Thanks, Jenna and thank you Salon YaYa!

Ashley D. – YELP

“This salon is a great find–and I say find because it’s not as well-known as other big-name fancy-pants and much more expensive salons. And I can make fun of them because I have been to all of them. I loved the friendly, warm vibe of Ya Ya and thought Kristen was fantastic. She really truly listened, and spent a lot of time getting the color right since I haven’t had a good cut and color in awhile. They offered the same hospitality as overpriced salons of the same quality, yet without the snobbery. Usually an offering of  ”Would you care for something to drink?” when I walk in is closely followed by a few cursory looks checking out to see whether my bling measures up to theirs. Sorry ladies, I know what Louboutins look like but there’s none in my closet. At Salon Ya Ya it was more like a truly genuine offering to make me more comfortable than to be pretentious, and that small gesture from a beautiful smiling tattooed hair artist set the bar from there. To people who would like a great, friendly and talented group without all the “look-at-us-we’re-fancy” B.S., call this salon. I will continue to go here from now on.”

Steve C. – YELP

“Salon ya ya rules. Been going there for years. I’ve become good friends with Courtney and Reyna- such good friends that I actually alternate back & forth between the two of them. Gotta share the love!
And dudes- don’t be afraid. Don’t think “it doesn’t matter” when it comes to guys’ hair. I mean, if you’re getting a buzz cut, sure- might as well do that yourself, but anything that requires skill- these ladies will hook you up and give you just as much attention as they do the fancy girl-dos.”

Amy B. – YELP

"All I can say is Haley makes me look and feel like a Rock Star!!! She is awesome and knows just what I want and delivers. When I say make it blue with green and purple she triangles me up and I come out looking fabulous."

Rose D. - Demand Force

"Kayla cut my hair and she was amazing! Besides being incredibly friendly, she really wanted me to be happy with my hair when I left. At one point I thought the cut was a little too blunt and she was like "no problem, I can fix that" and now it's perfect. Afterward when she was styling it, she explained exactly what she was doing and kept things simple so I'd be able to do it myself when I got home. Will definitely be coming back for my next cut!"


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